If creativity is about unleashing our imagination, detachment is the virtue that allows us to truly examine and evaluate our ideas.  The virtues card for detachment says it is about “experiencing our feelings without allowing them to control us…. We step back and look at things objectively.”  With creativity, we open things up to possibilities.  That is exciting. With detachment, we consider those possibilities with true and rational discernmentDetachment is to screening ideas as creativity is to generating them.

Detachment.  It empowers us to make the better decisions, allowing our emotions to be experienced and used properly and powerfully, without becoming our masters. It is not easy.  But, detachment… caring with a heavy dose of mindfulness; it is a power of real leadership.  If we can manage the dance of creativity and detachment, we can find the best answers.  If we freely throw our ideas into the discussion, and let them go from us (detaching from ownership and attaching to objectivity)… we get to wisdom.

In your next brainstorm with others (whether large and urgent or intense or just  for fun… or anywhere in between), reflect on these two qualities… these two virtues… before you consult.  Reflect together and decide how they might guide your creative process.  Open the doors to creativity and check the doors with detachment.  See where that takes you.

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™


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