Here are two interesting reads on personal branding and body image.  Food for mindfulness, discernment and consideration… three powerful virtues for building wisdom through independent investigation.

With that in mind, and after having done your own reading of same, I might suggest that both personal branding and body image should begin with the consideration of character.  In my work around leadership, I contend that character is the ultimate brand.  Knowing for what strengths you want to be best known is important in an interview, sales call, presentation or any act of distinguishing oneself, personally or professionally.

That being said, consider these 101 strengths of character.

While all are important and indeed in need of consistent practice, for which three do you most want to be known on LINKEDIN, or walking into a room?  Choose them and consider how they would be manifested in consistent action.  Integrity centers around same. Choose your three.  Then…

  • Decide on how you will manifest them in your personal and/or professional life, in action… deeds over words.
  • Decide how they will be manifested on social media, in your presentations, through your conversations, and more.
  • Then, act upon that… consistently.

Yes, personal branding matters.  It is ultimately your reputation.  Yes, body image matters, but it must be in alignment with who you are… and that starts with articulating the character you most desire to represent.  Whether you are a student, educator, business professional, entrepreneur, musician, artist, scientist, community leader or (you get the picture), knowing that for which you want to be known and then manifesting it… that is authenticity.  It builds trust and trustworthiness alike.  Branding and body image begin with who you wish to BE.  Then go out and DO that.

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™


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