First , have a read about cockroaches.  Then, have a read of this on success.  To me, they collectively speak to the need, beauty and key elements of long term success.  Now, in the spirit of some of my own recent posts on character and speaking the language of character, here is what I personally take away from the reads.  The core elements proposed for authentic and sustained and eventual success are:

What do you think?  Does this fit with your understanding of what it takes to succeed, depending upon your own definition of success?  Consider these 101 Virtues.  Are there any you believe should be added to the above representation?  What strengths of character are most needed to fulfill a dream? To achieve a noteworthy goal?

Virtues (strengths of character) are neither soft nor fuzzy.  Their meaning and manifestation are both focused and intent.  They are not unlike specialized tools for tasks and trials.  We actually have access to them all, though we might find we regularly practice with some much more so than others.  Still, when assessing a situation, we can consider which we need, access them, and put them to work; any and all of them.  To borrow from Dale Carnegie himself, we can:

  • act with enthusiasm to be enthusiastic
  • act with discernment to be discerning
  • act with steadfastness to be steadfast
  • act with certitude to be certain
  • … and so on.

Virtues are pre-existent, like an ocean.  We can source them, or not.  Even when we do not, they still exist… whether accessed or not.  We can indeed access them and put them into practice; any and all of them.  In fact, that is what we define as the virtue of wholeheartedness, accessing and bringing everything; it is the all in or carpe diem virtue.

In the end, we may be used to some virtues more so than others, but we can access and practice and deliver on all; wholehearted.

So, in reaching for a dream, an overarching goal, which virtues do you most need to ensure achievement?  Make your list.  Consider it your inventory for your primary toolkit.  Practice and use them every day.  Practice does not make perfect.  It does make permanent.  Building the habit of applying a virtue is about mastery, and mastery breeds excellence.  Excellence advances success. Build your list.  Practice your list.  Master your list.  Then, one day, say hello to your dream.  Character breeds capacity.  Capacity advances creativity, in all its forms.  So… build, practice, master, excel and achieve.

What strengths of character are your keys to authentic success?  For you?  Your team?  Your school?  Your community? Let them bring you to life.  Let them give you your second chance.  Let them help you reach your hall of fame.

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™