This is one of twin posts today; both centering on the Character Lens.  This one, advances the focus on creativity, culture and character. 

First, have a read of this engaging piece on building cultures of creativity by Nick Bartle, VP at LINKEDIN.  I like this read.  I like the articulation of the behaviours and actions that build cultures of creativity.

Still, my belief and contention is that behaviours and actions that are consistent and sustainable are born of character.  So, when I read the post wearing the character lens, I see purposefulness, simplicity, faith and trust, initiative, openness, appreciation and more.  I see that building such a culture starts with enriching the foundations of that culture with encouragement of these virtues.  Character is the soil from which behaviour grows.  Advancing the stories and rituals and practices that forge such creative cultures starts with understanding the qualities for which we want to be known and how we will roll.

So, simply asked this day… what virtues are necessary for your culture to be that force for creativity that sustains healthy excellence and growth going forward?  Find ways to encourage and stimulate those strengths of character such that the creative force is tangible, taste-able and palpable for anyone who engages it.

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™


I find music a powerful source of creativity.


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