In 4 Strengths for Change, I shared on Flexibility, Faith, Courage and Commitment in the face of, and in creating, change. I humbly recommend the read. Since that post I have shared on LinkedIn regarding…


#bestlittledogintheworld Panda was the ambassador of Curiosity. She loved sniffing and checking things out. And #Curiosity is what I affectionately call a Marco Polo or Star Trek virtue. Polo was an explorer, not a conqueror. And, to seek out new life and new civilizations is born of this. Curiosity is about exploration and learning at home, school, work, business and community. It is humble by nature, knowing we do not know but seek to know. Being curious of each other is not about being nosy. Our agenda is but to learn. We are interested, genuinely. We want to learn of people and places and events and ideas. To understand our collective history around families, schools, businesses, communities or countries, we need to practice Curiosity. To understand our history, we need to be curious about it. Our history at home, school, work, business and community does not define our future, but learning from it can. Pure Curiosity is without political or power agendas. We simply seek to learn. We investigate and we become better for it. Indeed, and for me, it is what is genuinely driving all of the TUGtv series of conversations we are doing now (another 5 episodes coming this week lol) … to seek out new perspectives and ideas and learn of people, place and promise. We need genuine Curiosity in our world to build better connections. We need not agree on everything and that would certainly defeat the Beauty and Strength of diversity…. but we do need to understand. We need dialogue and conversation and consultation for its own sake… to be, as Dale Carnegie once said, genuinely interested in others. Ultimately, there is no them, only us…. and Curiosity helps us truly see that. Let’s get curious. Panda would be proud.

and Creativity

#Creativity is a virtue much needed in our world and going forward. We all have the capacity to create. Some of us have the capacity to create order out of chaos. Others to create unity over division, and understanding over ignorance. Still others to forge decision from doubt. When we have the capacity to transform injustice to Justice, we manifest Creativity. When we can advance victory from defeat, we practice same. When we learn, we are creating new knowledge and understanding for ourselves. When we teach, we are helping do so for others. And then we have the arts of the visual, the musical, theater, dance and more. We inherently see these as creative but too often undervalue them. But let us understand that Creativity is that capacity to transform and re-create. We all have our own path on this and we need it in a world of polarization, doubt, cynicism, apathy, fear and more. There are good things happening in the world. We need more of that.

I share on both Curiosity and Creativity HERE.

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#Daring is what I call the “trowel” that helps build our own best selves. It is not about being in anyone’s face. It is about bringing out our face, our voice, our thoughts, will and action… not to spite or offend, but to invite and intend. With Daring, we dare ourselves to be our best selves, one step at a time. We are works in progress, but it is progress… learning and using what we learn to keep walking into our ever better selves. Daring is to be truthful with ourselves and others. Daring is to live with Integrity. Consider the Daring card below. How and where and with whom can better practice same?

and Decisiveness

#Decisiveness requires Daring, and Diligence… among other virtues. Decisions sometimes need be made in an instant… other times over time. But decisions are made when we make our choice and commit to it. Decisiveness is the capacity to deliberate, discern, determine and decide. I humbly suggest a read and reflect on the Decisiveness card below. Ask where is it that you need better practice same? Where, with whom and around what? What decisions await your Decisiveness? How can you practice such in the face of questions, doubts and uncertainty? What will be your return on investment in making that decision? What time and stress and resources will be saved or advanced in doing so? Lest we forget… choosing not to decide (and even hesitancy and procrastination) is a decision. We are actually quite good and natural at making them, when we think we are not. We decide on waking up, getting up, eating, directions, and so much more every single day. And, choosing not to do something is still a decision. Indeed, choosing not to decide is a decision. The real question is how do we get better at making important decisions that we seemingly put off? Consider the virtue that is Decisiveness. Consider its meaning below. Consider the lessons in life you have already learned about Decisiveness and its value. Consider its power in establishing healthy boundaries and in honoring who you are. Where, when and with whom would this virtue help most now? Do that.

All Together

I share all of this because we are living in changing and challenging times whether we accept it or not. The global goals speak to this. Facing and/or making change does indeed require Flexibility, Faith, Courage and Commitment… all together… and more.

Our capacity to see the change and challenge for what it truly is requires Curiosity, Creativity, Daring and Decisiveness. We cannot face what we cannot see, and to see it, we need practice Curiosity to question and dig deeper on what we are actually seeing. We need bring our own Creativity to the process in seeing beyond and outside of any proverbial boxes. That requires us to dare ourselves… and ultimately it requires us to enter into such exploration with the intent to deliberate, discern, determine and decide. Virtue and character are neither nebulous nor warm and fluffy concepts. They are not simply about being “good” or “strong”. They are strengths for learning, living and leading through life. They are strengths of character and we need such ever more in times of change and challenge.

And to be clear, I had a teacher on this. Panda intrinsically practiced Curiosity, Creativity, Daring and Decisiveness throughout her life from pup onwards. She, without knowing, taught and reminded me of those qualities as strengths. They helped her explore and grow throughout her life; and I am blessed for witnessing same. I know I need practice and manifest such ever better, going forward.

To that end, I have decided that Epic Engage will be the vehicle and enterprise for me to explore, support and advance on the global work of The Virtues Project … and those Global Goals. This, my work, will be a glocal enterprise… working locally and beyond, but with a world embracing vision. That building a better world, I want a part of that; in Service. “The betterment of the world can be accomplished through pure and goodly deeds, through commendable and seemly conduct”… these words guide me in such decision.

Such pure and good work and conduct will require not a mere one time decision. It will require consistent Curiosity to learn, adapt and grow. It will require a countenance of Creativity to imagine possibilities, opportunities and responses. It will require Daring to not settle nor be complacent as I walk and work forward, ever practicing Studentry over Mastery. It will require the Decisiveness to know when to hold fast or turn the corner. It will require my own best practice of character.

For Youand Me

How would Curiosity, Creativity, Daring and Decisiveness advance your work and life? What would that look like in practice? How can you make these four strengths of character consistent as you move forward? How can they help you navigate change and challenge? We are living in such times. With Curiosity, Creativity, Daring and Decisiveness we can forge a new lease on life at home, school, work, business, community, commonwealth and planet. Let’s do this.

Peace, passion and prosperity…

Barry Lewis Green, The Unity Guy with Epic Engage.

“Intelligence plus character—that is the goal of true education.” ― Martin Luther King Jr.

Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing. ― Abraham Lincoln