Back in 2013, I had the honor and pleasure of attending a 3 hour session with Dr. Wayne Dyer.  I was in the 3rd row, on an angle.  His style was refreshingly unscripted and real.  My gregarious thunder and lightning spirit settled in and I listened… for 3 hours… intently.  A photographer captured this shot.

Man, I was into it.  Listening requires fierce and real focus… and presence… and I was there.  And it looks like, in prayer.  He was speaking to the notion of being “done” throughout his talk… that sense that we are always connected, if you will… if we but see it.  And, I was listening.


I am a Baha’i.  I say that with no intent to convince or convert for that is not part of the Faith.  Still, as such, I believe that God is no “man in the sky” but an unknowable, unimaginable Source…. and that such wisdom has existed since time immemorial.  Why do I dare say this?  I dare because I believe great leaders listen.  They listen to the hearts and needs of those they lead, and they listen within.  They listen and they discern the wisdom.  They are both humble and confident because they are connected, within and without.

Conversation implies two way, and private.  I believe prayer to be intimate and free of ego.  If we listen within, we hear that “still, small voice”.  What if God was one of us; every one of us?  What if going inward with listening and discernment provided us a whole and new perspective?


I offer this to say that leadership is not knee jerk.  It is considered and thoughtful and daring in being so.  It implies wisdom as much as it does courage and initiative.  Following Dr. Dyer’s talk I was inspired to visit the grave site of my sister who I have yet to meet.  She came and went before I arrived.  I look forward to meeting her one day.  But that night, I visited her site and I drove to my fave place, Cape Spear… the most easterly point in North America…. and at both, I saw the grass and reeds blowing in the wind, at night.  It thusly inspired me to find, choose and dedicate this prayer in her memory.

I have believed in a Force and a Source since I can remember.  No one told me too.  I saw it in Thunder and Lightning.  I saw it in the Ocean.  I saw it everywhere.  I have been The Unity Guy™, since before I knew it.

I say this raw and real.  Character and unity have been part of my imagination and dreams since I can remember.  I remember the funeral procession of JFK, at 3 years of age.  It is my first memory.

Why do I consider this a dare?  I am not exactly sure except to say that I deeply believe that prayer is an incredible form of listening.  We must go into it without ego or agenda, or having the answers before hand and looking to be confirmed.  We must go in humble and seeking conversation.  Prayer and meditation are about real conversation within, devoid of the distractions.  I believe that it can guide both our movement and stillness.  I know that, going forward and for me… it must.  Managing my health and energy and passion and commitment will require a wisdom I must continue to seek.

For Baha’is, we have no clergy.  Our belief is that there is no distance between ourselves and the unknowable God.  I cannot explain what God is.  I can believe that if I go into conversation with that Force, I will come out a little wiser, somehow.   Great leadership should seek counsel within and without.  Wisdom is as necessary as boldness.  Empathy and understanding are as important as courage and confidence.

Whatever your belief, go within jumbly and confidently.  Have that personal inner conversation.  Shut off the agenda and ego and just be still.  I do not know what you will find; but you will find something… special and yours.  I say this with no religious dogma in mind or heart.  They serve no purpose in my life.   But, prayer does and I will do it more and more so that my movement and stillness are both aligned in cool balance.

Dare I?  Yes, I do.

I wish you…

Peace, passion and prosperity…

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™


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