Started in June 2018, Epic Engage™ offers DELIVER™, serving educators, entrepreneurs and emerging leaders with thoughts and ideas for delivering on message. In partnership with Futurpreneur Canada, NLOWE, Canada Business, City of St. John’s, Memorial Centre for Social Enterprise, Metro Business Opportunities, Provincial Association of CBDCs, BDC, and YMCA of NL.

DELIVER™ delivers.  It delivers on two things… the art of finding and telling your story.  When you deliver, it shows up. You show up.  With a new format starting Fall of 2020, we run monthly live intimate and interactive sessions (TBA), supported by segments from broadCAST Live™ and TUGtv™.

The sessions are free and offered through a variety of respected organizations supporting education, entrepreneurship and leadership in Newfoundland and Labrador. Each session is a download on ideas, and a coaching experience to boot. It is a veritable potluck of development to build poise, confidence and clarity in getting your message out.  The sessions are remarkable.  News of events is posted in our various online groups like #hUmaNITY… or Barry Lewis Green on LinkedIn.