Devotion is the virtue of profound dedication and earnest attachment to a cause or person.

I have found in my own life and work that the moments where I felt devotion are those where I felt both inspired and most capable.  A deeper confidence arose.  In those moments of calling I have found myself devoting my efforts to loved ones passed; my father, sister, grandparents, teachers and others of remembrance.  In those same moments, I have found a level of courage, confidence and faith that has not only carried me through but with zeal and ardor.

Over the next few weeks, I have a couple of such moments… one, almost what I might call a defining moment.  I am now, in preparation, devoting myself to my sister, friend and father.  It is for them.  The power of this is that it gets my focus off of me and onto them.  It is a service and I will rise to that.  I will honor them.  I will.

In this brief blog of thought and heart, I am thinking that this devotion is not simply about special moments.  If we devote our lives and work in similar ways, we create those moments.  We do not wait for them.  We are a force for advancing defining moments.  Our lives and work take on that defining nature.  We become known within ourselves and by others for a level of true passion and purpose and excellence, through devotion.

My sister was born and passed before I came into this world.  She lived in this world a mere 24 hours.  I have long devoted my life to living for both of us; two hearts.  Indeed, upon my own initiative, I found her gravesite and honored it.  Subsequently, I discovered the unattended site of a little girl next to her.  That small child who “rests” alongside my sister… for her I do the same.  I honor them both.  Three hearts. I visit their “places”.  More importantly, I am increasingly devoting my life to living those three lives, in one.  It is an increasingly powerful motivation for me; at work now in the creation of G’rilla Soldiers™ which you will hear more of in the coming weeks, months and years.  But it is this devotion that is the foundation of my all of my motivation.

I walk with purposeful, joyful, and humble swagger;  I carry three hearts.

So, I suggest you find your reason.  Find that to which you feel truly devoted.  Then do what you do with that and/or them in mind and heart.  See where that takes you.

This blog is devoted to dad and sis and our “little friend”, in the next world.  Love you, all three.  Here we go!

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™