Please watch this from Russell Wilson after Super Bowl 49.  Now, watch this from Cam Newton after Super Bowl 50.  Both young men suffered a heart breaking loss at the highest levels of the game.  I offer this simply in response to what I have heard some analysts attributing Cam’s behaviour… being a Millennial.

Some time back, I wrote this post.  Check out Gen Y, your Millennials.

Now, first, this is not an attack on Cam.  As one analyst rightly noted; Cam can do what he wants… so long as he is aware of the potential reactions.  That all being said, attributing such behaviour to an entire generation is more than inaccurate and misguided.  Character is not the wholly owned real estate of any one generation over another.  Character is not a birthright.  It is practiced and honed and earned thusly.  My singular hope is that Cam will learn that talent and charisma are one thing; but character, on genuine display, breeds legend.

This is true at school, work and community.  Winning is one thing.  Dignity in loss is another.  Smiling and cheering when all is going your way is one thing.  Holding one’s head high, while disappointed and challenged… is another.  It is called forbearance and fortitude; two powerful virtues… and they are strengths of legend and reputation… in business, community, sports and beyond.

Winning gets you a trophy.  Character crowns you a champion in whatever arenas you compete.  To Cam and us all… take great competency and talent, add some charisma… and bring a load of character… and you can truly be legend.

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™