We are an education company.  We speak to advance character, capacity and creativity based education and learning cultures at school, work and community… cultures that think, act and serve with excellence.

Excellence is about ongoing mastery.  Ongoing mastery is the purpose of education.  Education can, alone, cause workplaces, schools and communities to reveal strengths and enable society to benefit therefrom.

Think about this.  Consider this.

Education can, alone, do so.  While it might be nice to think but minimum wages do not eradicate poverty.  Minimum wages are, by definition, minimum… and cause all other relative wages to eventually rise and impact prices.  It is a vicious though, often times, ignored cycle.  Education can address poverty of both material and spiritual means.  Education opens our minds, exercises our brains and our understanding.  Education that expands understanding, advances both peace and prosperity.  We get the world a little more.  We get each other a little more, with every opportunity to learn.

Yes, at its most noble and practical, education is about advancement and excellence at school, work and community.  It fosters constructive growth and change.  Education is much more than marks, grades and assessments.  The challenge on our campuses, in our companies and throughout our communities is to re-engage education as the force for excellence, growth and constructive change… a force to think, act, serve and lead with noble character, to build powerful communities of common purpose and unique capacity, and to engage flourishing creativity and learning cultures at school, work and community.

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Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™