Part of powerful, practical unity is knowing where we best serve. Where do we best fit in terms of service?

When considering the strategy of your organization, text book discussions would suggest your options are resource based, environmental based and innovation based views. I might suggest there is more.

First, yes… we should consider developing strategy from that resource based view. Look within for strengths of which you can take advantage. What talents and capacities currently exist within your operation? Look at your resources with respect to people and otherwise. Create an inventory of your best strengths. Great strategy starts from our strengths.

Secondly, view your company strategy from the environmental point of view. Look without. What are the strengths and challenges of your competition? What needs exist outside of your organization and who is best serving each? Where do you exceed others in terms of answering those needs? What conditions exist which might provide clear opportunities, going forward?

Third, consider your strategy from an innovation point of view. What can you do to consistently stay ahead, keeping competing sources in a constant state of catch up? How can you be leading edge?

These are typically your choices as suggested in strategic management theory.

Still, let me suggest two other points to consider.

Fourthly, approach your strategy from a consistency point of view. What can you do consistently well, building an unmatched level of trust in your audience? What work can you consistently master such that those you serve can truly rely on delivery of same?

Finally, endeavour to find the meeting place of these four considerations. Where do your greatest strengths and opportunities and your best powers of consistent innovation and delivery meet? That intersection can guide you to a powerful and focused strategic plan.

Give these five points some thought. The exploration will continue…..

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, The Unity Guy™