“Be still.  Stillness reveals the secrets of eternity.”Lao Tzu

First, check out Solsbury Hill by Peter Gabriel.

This blog might lose some, or not.  Today, on the closing day of a two-day Conference around Collective Impact, sponsored by the Tamarack Institute and the Community Sector Council, I was filled with content to munch on; content on collaboration and systems and structure and engagement.  It was two days of real value, much even yet to be realized… and to share later, I am sure.

Still, circumstances unrelated near the end of Conference lead me to a thought.  Follow God and God follows.  I have said before, I am not one who believes in a “man in the sky”.  I do believe in an unknowable creative force beyond our imagination, sentient and beyond measure.  If you do not share this belief, understood and cool.  What I am suggesting is that I am better understanding that if you truly listen within, and act upon it, you will find forces aligning behind you.  If you follow the still, small voice…  “providence” follows.   It occurs to me that this is not a law of attraction, but a law of authentic action; and a lesson I needed to learn today.

I am not sure what that exactly means but I am knowing that I need to explore this more.  I am seeing its value in business, work, school, community and life.  I am seeing its value in finding our path.  I am seeing its value in the determination of best strategy.  I am certainly seeing its value in learning, within.  As an educator and champion of education as a force for excellence, growth and change, I am seeing its value.

Like I say, I might lose some of you.  Still, I think I am finding something too.  As Peter sang, “Had to listen; had no choice.”  Some important is afoot.

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™


“The inner is foundation of the outer.  The still is master of the restless.  The Sage travels all day, yet never leaves his inner treasure.”Lao Tzu


If you share in this sense, here is a beautiful Baha’i Prayer called the Fire Tablet… it is believed to be powerful in burning the veils between our social self and our authentic self, getting us clear on our inner voice.  It is 16+ minutes, but worth it, if you so choose.  Peace.