Good Friday, one and all.

In its traditional “celebration”, this is a day of “death” with the promise of rebirth.  That is a powerful message in business and in life.

A week or so ago, I had the pleasure of consulting with Jane Atkinson of Speaker Launcher.  Jane is remarkable in her insight and honesty.  We chatted on thoughts around sharpening the focus for our EPIC work going forward and it was a highly productive call, resulting in my own subsequent reflection and decision.

The result is an authentic focus on work around excellence in thought, action and service.  Looking at my long body of work, and getting clear on the central thread… it has been about excellence born of three forces: character, capacity and creativity.  There will be more to follow on that.  For now, and since my call with Jane, I found myself at College in class with my Performance Management students.  We were focusing on their final major assignment concerning coaching and I found myself explaining my concept of GREAT™ Goals, a derivative of SMART™ but with a special distinction.

Whereas SMART™ refers to Specific, Measurements, Actions, Relevance and Time… GREAT™ suggests a re-ordering.

  • Begin with a clear GOAL.
  • In detail, get specific on its RELEVANCE.  Know why you are setting it.
  • Identify how you will EVALUATE yourself or your team.
  • Get clear on ALIGNED ACTIONS, work that moves you towards the goal.
  • Set yourself a particular TIME for completion.

The difference truly lies in the moving forward of relevance.  The why is crucial.  The motivation must be meaningful.  It is the heart of the moving forward.  Relevancy is the power behind any goal.

As well, while action is crucial… aligned action is vital.  Action must be moving with the direction of the goal.  It moves us from simple busy-ness to business.

I share this in the spirit of excellence through character, capacity and creativity.  As we embark on our more targeted tack for our own work, I am reminded that our goals had better be clear, not only as to specifics… but to relevance.  The work must have meaning; real and clear meaning.  The actions must be aligned with that meaning.  That implies a commitment to the character of our operation around nobility and wholeheartedness.  It implies being clear on what our talents and capacities are and how they fit our vision in serving our clients.  In doing so, and over the next week or so, our strategic planning process must engage creativity in the most real of ways.

More to follow.

With that all in mind, and as we embark on our next leg, I suggest considering what might be your own GREAT™ Goal for 2015/16.

Have a GREAT Friday on Good Friday, and beyond.

Peace, passion, and prosperity… through excellence.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™