I invite you to have a listenOr wait.

These past 6 months have been quite a personal journey.  August 20, 2015… I was introduced to the world of strokes, first hand.  It seems to have been a brain bleed of sorts, cause as yet unknown; with further tests in order.  The prognosis is good.  My vitals have been and are strong.  I maintain high function with some relatively minor physical symptoms.  Still, they are there.  It is a mystery, and one that needs exploration; for best prevention going forward.  It has challenged me and my life in ways unexpected.  It has caused me to take new steps and paths.  More on that, to follow.

Now, with Stephanie Staples and Big Daddy Tazz, we are embarking on a new leg to the journey… discovering lifestyle and roads onwards and back to optimal health.  And, we are are doing it on air.

Yup, on air.

For me, I am intent on exploring real health in a real world with real motivation; mine being how I best work through this time of recuperation and get back to my optimal health I once knew.  This will include medical science, reflection and more.  It will include action and lifestyle changes, best for me.  The conversations and commitments on air and in between shows will be real as we do a series of radio show check-ins, and invite you to join us.  This is all about sharing perspectives and wisdom and realizing that we each find our own best path.  But there is cool magic in shared wisdom.  We are excited about the conversations and paths ahead.  We are motivated.

And for me, as a Virtues Project™ Master Facilitator, I intend to invoke the 5 Strategies with a heightened focus and one that looks within… and practice the virtues of commitment and accountability, and more.

And I intend to learn from my compatriots and anyone who joins us on the journey.  We do invite you.

I will be sharing more via the radio show and here, in future posts.  Hope you join me and us.

Now, maybe have a listen.

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™