In Be Wilder, I noted “It is not lost on me that bewilder is to be wilder in our exploration…”. Of late, I am taking an ever deeper dive into meditation, wildly exploring. It is conjuring up soulful notions of boundaries and identity and more.

And today, I shared this on Facebook.

“On a lunch break. Been a crazy busy two weeks. This time of year always is. Convergence. So glad to have returned to meditation. Soulfully feeling open and connected. Results are visual and viscous… palpably so. They both confirm and challenge… sometimes intensely. Meditation is becoming a daily practice and is having impact on physical health and clarity. Intent on this becoming a lifelong road. So much is solidifying and changing.”

Then, I saw today that Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook have rebranded to Meta, and are pinning their vision on the “metaverse“. And another brick fell into place, for me.

Without the intent to offend, I may actually do so here… and I hope not. But everything in my Soul says technology is a wondrous tool with which to build a better world (not blindly escape the current one) … and not a replacement of our Humanity. AI will never replace Humanity because we do not yet fully realize the capacity of Humanity beyond the linear and lateral. For me, our seemingly increasingly worship at the altar of the tech is something akin to foolhardy. Since childhood, I have been captivated by space and the future and our potential. I have imagined on it, created on it and been inspired by the vision of Gene Roddenberry and Star Trek. But, I never once believed, nor will, in tech as replacement to the incredible potential of Humanity. Never. The seeming worship of tech and multi-billionaires and gurus, and hanging on every “pontification”… is but another example of idle (and idol) worship. Humanity will eventually and necessarily lead, and Humanity is collective. Humanity will redeem and Humanity is for the true betterment of the world, for all.

No Hate, Just Stand

I hate on no one. But I know for which I will stand. I am excited for the potential of such a metaverse. I am. But, I also am aware of the current immersion issues with social media and tech. I am aware of tech connection and loneliness. As an IT instructor in the 90’s, I remember saying to students that technology will test our best practice of Humanity. It will test our Discernment and Detachment. It will test our noble motives.

I will stand. I will question modern “wisdom”. I am a Baha’i and I say that humbly, unapologetically and with transparency in mind and heart. These words of Baha’u’llah speak to me of what we need in all realms of human endeavour… including science and technology Our Humanity can and must guide our development of tech and economy and science and agriculture and commerce and more.

An economy is not the master of Humanity. An economy must serve Humanity. Tech is not the master of Humanity. Tech must serve Humanity. And not simply as play toy and “escape”. It must serve a better, more human world. Even governance and leadership must neither be masters; but servants… of Humanity. Our Humanity matters. It is our strength. It is our Nobility of purpose and spirit. No multiverse and its promise of escape can replace such. Our world needs no more idle escapes. It needs no more growth as holy grail. It needs us… Atlas needs us; our engagement and joy and work and Humanity. Bring the tech. Let us build it. Let us use it, but to advance Humanity and the good of the world.


Some who read this might think I spread fear. I do not. I do not fear tech. I love it for what it can do, in potential. I simply champion the notion that all endeavour must ultimately serve a greater good and not simply the pocket books nor egos of those who propose they have their own vision for Humanity. Do we need to relax and enjoy? Absolutely. But, we need joyful and true Service to Humanity ever more so.

This is not the realm of a handful of often self-anointed “visionaries”. Humanity will build its vision, not by a handful of messiahs, gurus nor billionaires but by a human race that arises to its capacity at home, school, work, business and community. Our Humanity needs to stand in the face of our inhumanity. That is for which I will go forward, and stand.

Pie in the sky? Utopia? Nope, I call BS on such judgment, respectfully. And I suggest that this is not optional. I also suggest that what I affectionately call our “#hUmaNITY” rocks…. and our inhumanity sucks. Our #hUmaNITY has evolved through millennia. It has slowly evolved and grown … and historically we have shown the capacity to move from cave units, to clans and tribes and villages, towns, cities, city states, countries, regions, commonwealths, hemispheres and more.

And, I believe and contend that we are heading to something great. Humanity is headed to something great. Tech will be a tool (and a wondrous one at that), as will economics and more. But it will require work, some Joyful Excellence in that work and less of a desire to “escape”.. And it will be worth it.


I humbly but assertively contend that we are at a crossroads, and not simply around tech. Tech will test our true crossroads. It will make us choose between exploring our Humanity or falling to a more base instinct. We are better than that. #hUmaNITY rocks. And it requires a choice; a choice to stand for Humanity, and let tech, economics and all help us forge a better world.

It requires our Character and its myriad faces, facets and forms.

For me, I am IN…. it is my Just Cause… to rise up to our Humanity. And I am In with utter Resilience and Optimism… and on purpose… in countenance and gate … and resourceful. AND, in conversation.

And, I will choose some additional tech… for me. Peace. 😉

Barry Lewis Green, The Unity Guy with Epic Engage.

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