A thought hit me this morn.

Hypocrisy is a slippery slope upon which trust and trustworthiness can slide into skepticism, cynicism and apathy.  If I believe it, say it.  If I say it, act it.  If I act it, commit to it.  If I commit to it, I show faith in it.  Having faith in it, in turn, strengthens belief in it.  But if any link in this chain fails, then hypocrisy shows its subtle but ever intent and growing head.

Truthfulness serves in the face of hypocrisy.  It requires courage to do so, but it strengthens the cycle.  With truthfulness, we believe, say, act, commit and have faith…. in alignment.  With truthfulness, we live our best lives and allow others permission to live theirs.  Truthfulness is the traction that prevents the slide down the slippery slope; true in business, at work, in school, throughout community and in life.  Truthfulness breeds alignment and alignment slays hypocrisy.

Truthfulness is the great educator; and it requires discernment… it is not blind, but tested.  There is work involved in building the links of this chain; but it is noble work.  The strength of this chain gives us traction to avoid the slide.  Our true lives and purpose demand that we honor who we are, what we do and how we serve.  Anything else is a distraction and a disservice, born of some level of dishonesty with ourselves.  “everything requires everything” is a message I keep hearing and I am realizing that it speaks to alignment.  Everything you deeply desire requires everything that you are.

Courage is the iron.  Truthfulness is the steel.  As we build the chain of alignment, we free ourselves from the rust of hypocrisy and its slide into the meaningless.

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™