Joy gives us wings! In times of joy our strength is more vital, our intellect keener, and our understanding less clouded. We seem better able to cope with the world and to find our sphere of usefulness. — ‘Abdu’l-Bahá

Often times, we will hear references to changing the world.  Often times, it can be met with a sense of unconscious or conscious cynicism and defeatism.  How is one person or one organization or company going to change the world?

A couple of months back, amidst preparation for an I am Genie Event (check out, we constructed a team.  Referencing a term I like to apply to myself… the 800 Pound Gorilla… the team took on an identity we now call G’rilla Soldiers™.  More importantly, and after our first highly successful campaign to help the I am Genie Foundation, we found that we had a community of people who care, a lot!  Little had we realized how powerful this could or would be; and will be!

So, last night, in the middle of a celebration of this new team at Rumpelstiltskins Restaurant (with an amazing view) and on to Karaoke Kops, I had  a number of moments of clarity on changing the world.

Our server at Rumplestiltskins, Ann Marie, was incredible.  Serving some 16 boisterous and joyous customers, she exuded confidence, authenticity, enthusiasm, creativity, helpfulness and care.  Her command of the menu was flawless.  Her joyfulness was mesmerizing.  Her care in remembering orders and names was awesome.  She added magic to the moment and she exemplified the virtue of service.  That is how you change the world, one meal and customer and party at a time.

Then, heading on to Karaoke Kops, we discovered the talent of our crew; with wholeheartedness and capacity in singing and dancing and conversation.  We were engaged full on!  It was a night of smiles and singing and dancing and dazzling.  The zeal was palpable.  As this all happened, ideas flowed too.   Creativity was advanced.

Those ideas continue to flow and G’rilla Soldiers™ is just beginning.

The bottom line is you serve the world in joy.  You become a joybringer, recognizing the ills of the world but undaunted by them.  Indeed, that is how we best face them.   That joy brings strength, understanding, intellect and even tenacity.  Hey, wait up… there’s an acronym… unplanned but boom…. SUIT.  Joy puts on a new SUIT of armor!  Liking it already.

Put on  a new suit!  Be a joybringer and see where that takes you.

That is what G’rilla Soldiers™ will be doing.

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™