In my experience, there are four paths to learning.  First, there is learning as it might traditionally be understood; the acquisition of new knowledge, skills or abilities.  The second is unlearning; that process of deconstructing old and unnecessary learning from the past.  Third, there is re-learning… the remembering of something once forgotten.  Finally, there is unleashing… to be addressed shortly.

As an educator, I see these four processes in classrooms and work spaces, in business and community.  I see it across personalities and circumstances.  For example, for me I recall, as a child, learning of the Brontosaurus.  Quite recently, I discovered that this creature never actually existed as it was created out of the mistake of connecting different skeletal pieces in the wrong combinations.  In learning and unlearning this “fact”, I found myself re-learning the power of discernment and questioning.  True science and exploration understands this.  I was also reminded that unlearning does not happen in a vacuum.  We unlearn through learning in the same way that darkness is eliminated by light.  You do not truly unlearn a habit without learning a new one to replace it.

And this brings me to unleashing.  Fear has no hope in the face of courage; especially the courage to unleash.  These days, we talk much of the conscious and unconscious mind… where learning, unlearning and re-learning take place in various forms.  Still, my belief is that there is something beyond either level of the mind… something called soul.  I believe and contend that it already knows and understands but we have, far too often, silenced it to somehow “fit in” or be practical.  We have, after all, responsibilities in this world.  And so, we can quiet that still small voice inside that knows better.  This is from where ultimate learning comes, in my humble opinion; simply letting down the gates and listening to what our soul already knows.

This week, I have learned, unlearned and re-learned.  That is important in life.  But, in singing tonight, there was nothing short of an unleashing… learning not by doing, but being.  The clarity tonight was palpable.  Taste-able. Tangible.  Singing tonight was incredible, connected and truly inspired.  It was kick ass, and bad ass in the best and most noble of ways.  It was even unexpected.  It didn’t teach me anything.  It didn’t cause any unlearning.  It wasn’t even something I remembered being taught before.  It was simply uncovered and, truthfully, that kind of learning cannot be ignored or forgotten.  It simply is.

Going forward, I say that we need all four processes.  Still, the unleashing requires the greatest courage and reaps the most remarkable rewards.  It demands the courage to be real and see where that takes you.  Now, there is learning.

Learn, Unlearn, Re-learn and Unleash; most of all, unleash.  See where that takes you.  I will.

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™