“My restless spirit is trying to tell me something.” — Dawnbreakers Collective

A restless spirit has a purpose.  It is not simply chaotic or disruptive.  It is not of the ego, or selfish.  It often results from a sense of a break in either justice or dignity or integrity.  When we feel, in our bones, a sense of deep restlessness or frustration, far too often we will “guilt” it aside, minimize it or chalk it up to some degree of “selfishness”.  It is not about me is an expression I do love and something in which I truly believe; deeply.  Still, there are times when our spirit speaks through every cell in our body, and it demands our attention.

It will call for that attention through frustration, agitation, disappointment, sadness, anger, health issues and more.  Something is not right and it demands we address it.  I have no doubt that the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. felt it.  Nelson Mandela and Mother Theresa too; and scores and thousands and millions of others who simply had to be true to their restless spirit and answer the call to attention.

In doing so, we may risk others thinking us self-centered or selfish; and they are right… but for the wrong reasons.  There is a distinct difference in answering the call of a restless spirit, and being driven by ego and unhealthy pride.  I have written before of what I call humble swagger; that deep belief and confidence in why you are here and what you must do.  That kind of swagger is healthy.  It is your optimal health.  Denying it and attributing its call to anything other than noble is not healthy.

Nobility, justice and integrity are virtues of real strength.  They require truthfulness and courage and more. But honoring their call to attention is nothing other than being true to your purpose, and detaching from the distractions and desires that take you away from same.  Pleasing everyone never succeeds.  Honoring everyone does; including yourself.  Listen to your restless spirit.  It is the ultimate education.  Discern its truth, then act on it. See where that takes you.

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™