Greetings.  I invite you to consider and imagine the power of character.  It is neither theoretical nor naive to do so.  Examples abound.  In doing so, here are some thoughts to possibly consider.  In their totality, they might take an hour or so but are worth the time.  I think so; but even a scan is worth it.

In the spirit of truthfulness and transparency, I am a Baha’i, and I believe in this message… of Neil deGrasse Tyson and of The Universal House of Justice noted just below.

Baha i ViewAs a closing thought (for now anyway) on acceptance, beauty, creativity, detachment, excellence and humility as virtues, my own humble suggestion is that once we “get it”… once we understand that we are truly in this together and accept it fully, see the beauty in it, realize the creative capacity of it, learn to detach from old world views of us and them, and apply the excellence of the human spirit… wow.  One wonders (I  know I do) what could be our possibilities?   There is an inner and outer world of existence awaiting our exploration and realization; infinitely so.  It takes work, and character to do so.  It requires work to see ourselves differently.  It requires a passion for change; and an intent for growth, now.

So, consider…

Power of Character- AcceptancePower of Character- BeautyPower of Character- CreativityPower of Character- DetachmentPower of Character- ExcellencePower of Character- HumilityHow can you practice these six strengths of character in such a away to build a home, school, workplace, business or community that does get “it”; that understanding that we can and must move forward together, stronger?

For now, we are onwards to explore more on character and virtue; in real world terms.  It is my passion and my study, and I believe and contend that our most noble character will bring the kind of unity that results in peace, passion and prosperity at school home, work and community.  It is the message of all Sacred Teachers throughout history.  It is the message of the great visionaries of our times.  It is the message of Gene Roddenberry and Star Trek, and all those who see our future as anything but dark, sinister, boring or doomed.  Now, that can set the world on fire in most constructive of ways…. imagine that; but it will require work.  Onwards to that study.

Time to dance the message.

Peace, passion and prosperity, indeed, in deed.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™

Dream on….

…  and take the epic journey, my favorite song me thinks.

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