Over the last month, on LINKEDIN, we have been exploring the virtues of acceptance, unity, zeal and simplicity; as they relate to leadership.  Indeed, in combination, they can be truly powerful.

Imagine a family.

Imagine a family going through times of economic trial.  Imagine that the family debt is critical and banks and creditors are increasing pressure to better manage finances and pay the bills.  Now, imagine the application of acceptance, unity, zeal and simplicity.

Imagine acceptance; the power to truly see where we are, when we are.  It is the starting point virtue.  It moves us away from the “what if” to the “what is”.  It is not about defeat.  It is about knowing and accepting where we are, as that powerful starting point.  Dale Carnegie once suggested several steps in addressing worry that went something like this.

  • Get the facts.
  • Ask what is the worst that can happen.
  • Accept that it could happen.
  • Then improve upon the worst.

This is the power of acceptance.  It frees us to take action.

Now, imagine unity.  Imagine if the family said that “We are in this together.”; because that is what strong families do.  Everyone matters and contributes, to the extent of their true capacity.  That is unity in diversity.  We each bring what we bring, to the table.

The parents (and grandparents) might do more and take more on, and cut more; because they can.  They might take on second jobs and cut back on the “unnecessaries”.  Working age youth might take on a part time job to help out, or chip in with chores or helping make suppers in lieu of eating out as much.  Younger children might help around the house a little more.  The youngest and most vulnerable might not be asked for anything, but wholly provided for… sometimes being truly in need of a service is providing a service to those who have the blessing to serve.  True service is noble.

In either case, capacity would dictate contribution… and all would see it as strengthening and helping the family.

Imagine zeal.  Imagine the capacity to be enthusiastically purposeful in saying “we got this” and we are going to see a better day.  Imagine this virtue of the hunt, applied to climbing out of the abyss.

Then, imagine simplicity and the power to work on fundamentals.  Imagine the application of Essentialism.  Imagine the power to live (and I mean truly live) more minimalist (not an oxymoron or paradox… less is more).

Yes, imagine simplicity.

I say this all for two reasons.  First, take this imagined family crisis and apply it to a school, a business or a community.  Imagine it for a Province or State or Country.  Imagine, indeed.

But second, I want to address why we explore and advance character leadership and education.  Character bears the fruit of capacity.  Capacity bears the fruit of creativity.  The betterment of the world at home, school, work and community can indeed be accomplished through pure and goodly deeds… through commendable and seemly conduct.  Indeed.  In deed.  Imagine that.

Crisis demands character.  The capacity and creativity to turn trial into triumph demands character.  It always has.  Our behaviour… what we do… is but a band aid if it is not grounded in strength of character.  We attain and access no acceptance, unity, zeal or simplicity without it.

Of these 101…

… which do you imagine being most important in times of crisis and trial?  How would they frame our approach to finding solution?  How would cooperation apply?  Humility? Optimism?  Confidence?  This is the first and most necessary conversation.  It is not “pie in the sky”.  It is about making a bigger pie, for all.  It is not a luxury conversation.  It is one of absolute necessity.  Until it happens, we are left with division, apathy, conflict, contention and strife… and we lose the house and home altogether… whether the house be literal or our school, company, community, province, state, country or world.

Character defines and dictates the depth and breath of our solutions.  In times of trial and triumph alike, character fosters sustaining and sustainable solutions because the solutions are grounded, fair and just… and powerfulFor us, we are unapologetic in our belief and contention.  Going forward, here and in our total body of work, we will continue to explore the strengths of character leadership.

We invite you to join us and engage.

Peace, passion and prosperity…

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™


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