In Time Passes?, some six weeks ago, I noted “I am realizing this day that Studentry is the only real form of Mastery… and I intend these next few weeks, while continuing a joyful and purposeful dial back, to dive deeper into same.”

First, I recommend that bit of a read and reflect. Second, I have been taking that time and posting thoughts arising. Third, just this evening on Facebook, I noted…

Still battling Dat Bug. But it is relenting. I am relentless. 😉 Still resting and taking care… eating right… fluids…. rest… but starting some very limited Boxing work. All said… entering the last hours of this Year… through prayer and meditation… clearly understanding the core need for a stronger body again. Lifestyle thing. No diets. No systems. Just the need to Box and eat my way to a stronger and healthier Barry in 2023. The last year has had its Beauty and challenge. And my body is clearly saying… “lean Green machine” needed. 😉 Exploring Service in Haifa in the next year or so. Retooling Epic Engage. Resetting on Teaching too. 2023 will see change for this boy… and Boxer Dancer shape will be fundamental. That said… woke with a reminder today. Spiritual superiority is not Spiritual. Rumi suggested that we sell our cleverness and buy bewilderment. That does not negate the importance of Wisdom. But Wisdom is not a gift to some. Wisdom is earned and often personal. Wisdom cannot be given. But exploring our own Wisdom can encourage others to explore their own. What this means for me is that bewilderment is about being wilder. Wilder does not imply irresponsibility. But “success” in nature is all about the learning and adapting and growing… at play and work. As we enter 2023… let us find our best way… filled with Curiosity and Awe… less inclined to judge or advise… more inclined to humbly engage our lives as “students” and see where that takes and even inspires us… as us. And allow others the same space.❤

While I battle that bug even now… as we do enter 2023, I think Curiosity matters. I suggest and contend that it matters. It is the spirit of exploration and discovery. We have no idea what 2023 will bring. But, we can know what we intend to bring to it. And one of the things we can bring is Curiosity to learn, adapt and grow.

Studentry matters. Curiosity matters. Learning matters. While Determination is a much needed Virtue to practice, we should not confuse it with stubbornness. Water is determined, and flexible. It will find its way back to the ocean, somehow.

While we cannot be certain of what lies ahead, locally or globally… at home, school, work, business or community… we can be certain about what we will bring. Again, I intend Curiosity, and Courage. And Patience. True Patience.

Curiosity is the power to courageously explore. And Patience is more than biting our tongue or holding our breath… much, much more. Patience is Trust, Acceptance and Hope, in action. It is not defeat nor fatalism. Patience is a Virtue of the hunt. Curiosity and Patience enable us to play the Infinite Game.

Now, imagine Curiosity and Patience in real balance. Therein lies the power of that proverbial and successful hunt. That is the power I intend to bring into 2023… walking with Initiative and Integrity. As we head into 2023, I humbly ask that you consider how you can practice Patient Curiosity. I know I will.


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“Intelligence plus character—that is the goal of true education.” ― Martin Luther King Jr.

Human greatness does not lie in wealth or power, but in character and goodness. People are just people, and all people have faults and shortcomings, but all of us are born with a basic goodness. ― Anne Frank

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