I am an educator and entrepreneur.  I believe in the connection of commerce, innovation and peace; yes, peace.  Over the years, I have referred to myself as a globalist, a freedom fighter and mission specialist… and The Unity Guy™.

What this means is that my wiring and experience is the big picture, our power to be an individual amongst and as part of the big picture , the importance of our best defined role in the big picture, and recognizing that everyone has a fit within it, whether realized or not.

Why do I bring this up?  I am an entrepreneur and business educator.  Some 27 years ago, a new manager of mine in Vancouver suggested to me that business will bring peace to the world because “we will not want to kill our customers”; essentially.  I had believed in this before this conversation, but now had another sharing in it.  Of course, there are businesses that do not have a vested interest in peace (are you listening arms merchants?) but most have an interest in living customers.

So this article on The Other Iran by Christopher M. Schroeder is exciting, encouraging and confirming.  As a Baha’i, I have a deep love for Iran while “concerned” with matters of governance.  This article addresses what is evidently a growing and youthful Start Up community in Iran… one that has real potential for opening up lines of communications within and outside of Iran.

Still, I suggest that my point is not Iran-centric.  Commerce is the exchange of services and needs.  It inherently is all about service and, at its best, is noble, sustaining and sustainable.  Great commerce in the 21st century must and will be peace and environment friendly as we are at that point in history where anything else will simply not make sense.

Have a read.  Ponder its relevance to you.  Ponder its relevance for a better world.  Find your part in it; in that big picture.

Peace, passion and prosperity… in Iran and all over the world.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™