Playing the game of truthfulness and grandiosity is not a slippery slope; it is a jagged and high cliff.  — Barry Lewis Green 

I am not one who believes that the ego is ALL bad.  I see it as a guard dog, standing vigilant against injustice to ourselves.  But, like any good guard dog, it can be brought to heel once it has alerted us to the injustice and we can address the matter with spirit and soul.  That being said, that same dog, if not brought to heel, can take us to places where the grandios overwhelms the truth.  Brian Williams is experiencing this; but then we are all fair game for the danger.  It can affect leaders in business, government, community, education, science, health, music, entertainment, speaking and more.  It can affect us all, wherever and whoever.

So, what is our defense?

Humility.  Do not confuse humility for being a doormat.  At its best, it is about humble swagger; understanding what we are truthfully good at and what we are not is part of that.  Laying claim to our true strengths, we can focus our energies on what we actually do well.  This is true of individuals and organizations.  Over promising is not a healthy strategy in the short, medium or long term.  It might get us the job but it won’t hold it for us.  It might get us immediate recognition but reputation, in the end, hurts for it.

Humility and truthfulness can serve as sentinels in the face of pretense and grandiosity.  It is called getting and being real.  It has traction.  It serves trust and trustworthiness and is one hell of an investment for relationships, professional and personal.

What can you truly promise?  Now, go out there with humble swagger and do it; be it.

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™