Practice makes permanence.  Good and bad habits alike are advanced by practice.  Practice does not imply perfection, perfecting or goodness.  Character does.  With that in mind, please take your pick of recent reads.

Now, we invite you to consider the 101 strengths of character noted here.

Back in early March, we wrote of The Character Lens; that ability to see things though the perspective of character present or lacking somehow.  We contend that consistent behaviour is born of practiced character.  Character is the soil in which the tree and branches of behaviour get their sustenance, if you will.  When we address behaviours, we address symptoms.  When we address character, we address source; and sustainability.

Still, we, by habit, simply consider the role of behaviour and consequences.  While understood, this does not truly get to the heart of advancing consistent behaviour.  That requires us to pay attention to virtues and strengths of character in building the kind of culture that lives and breathes the behaviours we most seek to see manifested.

So, going forward… the last week of each month, we will provide a case study using Pulse posts of currency.  10 are provided above.  We invite you to practice the Character Lens through 4 simple steps.

Consider the virtues already present in the case.

Look at the situation, and watch for strengths.  There is no such thing as too much of a strength.  The issue is really balancing one strength with another.  For example, in the case of bullying… those who practice bullying are actually practicing the virtue of assertiveness.  The problem is that they are not also practicing compassion and kindness.  Ultimately, aggression is the result of an imbalance in assertiveness and compassion.  Imagine if a kid who had been consistently bullying found the practice of compassion.  That kid can be an amazing leader; as could the adult who is practicing same.  So, the first consideration is to determine the strengths that are already present.

Consider the virtues, not present nor practiced… but needed.

Yes, consider the virtues not being practiced, but needed.  We all have access to all virtues.  We have access, in potential.  Still, as in the example above, there is a lack of compassion that needs to be addressed.  Or, in another example… what about that kind, compassionate and gentle student who is being bullied… consider the need to keep the compassion, kindness and gentleness… and add some strength and assertiveness.

Consider the actions needed to manifest and encourage the desired character.

Once you have assessed the aspects of character that are desired in the culture you seek to build, consider the actions needed to engage and encourage these strengths on a consistent basis… so that it catches, takes holds and sets ablaze the culture sought.

Set a plan in action to do that.

This is the practice piece.  Implement that which encourages the character of the culture desired.  Watering that soil, is the practice of character.  In so doing, remember there is a difference in perfect as a noun and as a verb.  The former is a myth.  The latter is reality.  It is about making mistakes and learning, often.  That is what we do and find.

We invite you.

So, take any one or several or all of the posts noted above.  Apply these four steps to gain practice in building your Character Lens.  It will serve you well.  To help, and as noted, we will be posting monthly cases to practice excellence with the Lens.  Hope you engage and enjoy!

Peace, passion and prosperity…

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™


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