Continuing with the year long (and life time) examination of virtues as strengths in the real world, I thought to look at resiliency.  In times of trial and triumph alike, it is a strength.  Indeed it seems that we need it now, more than ever; locally and globally.

Over the years, I have best seen it in some of the youth with whom I have worked; street entrenched and resilient.  I have been humbled by their strength and see them as my teachers in work and life.  They are shining examples of the power of the human spirit, to keep fighting.

Certainly look at Malala and her inspiration.

But what builds resilience as a strength of character?  The Virtues Project™ Reflection Card describes Resilience as …

It references flexibility and faith.  Indeed.  In deed.  And I would suggest three more F-bomb virtues.  Consider these 5 as building blocks to resilience.

Flexibility, faith, fidelity, forbearance and fortitude; 5 virtues of resilience.  Think of it.  First, the ability to purposefully adapt.  Water is resilient.  It will change direction and even form with the intent of reaching its destination, the ocean.  Second, having a certainty that we will “get there”; that comes from faith.  Third, keeping an either conscious or unconscious promise to ourselves and others… that we will do what we need to do.  Fidelity is a powerful form of commitment.  Fourth, being able to carry the load with forbearance.  And finally, fortitude and its pure will to survive.  Strength, in five building blocks… forming the powerful capacity of resilience.

Imagine this power in our schools, in the face of personal and collective challenges as both educators and students.  Imagine this power in business and at work in times of economic and competitive trial.  Imagine this power in our communities undergoing and undertaking change.  Imagine.

I constructively challenge each of us to consider the behaviours noted on the cards above and ask how can we encourage these states of being in our families, schools, workplaces, businesses and communities.  Building cultures that encourage these strengths advances a robust capacity for both facing challenges and seizing opportunities.

We often admire resilience.  We see it in others.  I know I do.  We do.  But, the real opportunity is to learn from it… be inspired by it… to emulate it.  I would respectfully suggest that you consider this Fantastic Five collection of virtues as the bricks and mortar of building resilience in our families, schools, workplaces, businesses and communities.  We need it in times of trial and triumph alike.

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™