Happy Canada Day to all my friends throughout this cool nation, and to my friends in the USA… in advance, enjoy Independence Day!

It has been a while. I have been off the blog radar, but with good reason. Much has happened in the way of reflection and review; and increased clarity of passion, purpose and consistent practice. I have been reading and observing and applying, with special thanks to so many great conversations, colleagues and friends… and to the work of Joe Calloway (www.joecalloway.com) in inspiring the sharpening of my vision and application, moving forward. With all that has been a swirling, I thought it appropriate to introduce myself.

My name is Barry Lewis Green. I am The Unity Guy™. I lead EPIC Engagement and Consulting. I contend that cultures which are both diverse and united lead to high performance. In being, believing and doing so, I speak with several different but unified voices. I think we all do. We each have multiple facets and aspects that are authentic and, if we have done our own homework, connected and united. So, here are my voices, going forward, united and purposeful; as The Unity Guy™. If I were to use the metaphor of choosing a clear road or route for my work, these voices form my 6 lane Autobahn; high speed and headed in a singular and clear direction.

I am a Globalist. I speak to the big picture, locally and globally. That picture is not simple “pie in the sky”. It is about building a bigger pie. Prosperity advances when we understand this. A bigger vision moves us beyond band aids and reactionary tendencies. I speak to this and will continue to do so, even more so.

I am a Mission Specialist. I believe in mission. I have been a student and practitioner of the power of mission for over 30 years. I believe we all have one or should. The business of sports gets the vital importance of clarity of mission. Mission gives meaning, collectively and individually. It is about fitting, without forcibly fitting in. Yes, I speak to that and will continue to do so… and even more so.

I am a Freedom Fighter. I believe in independence of thought and interdependence of work and life. Unity is not found in uniformity or conformity. It is found in diversity, working together. Clear, strong and independent voices working together are formidable. You got it. I speak to that and will continue to do so, and even more so.

I am a Business Educator. I teach business. I have done so for almost 20 years. In particular, I teach strategic management, human resource management and entrepreneurship. I contend that business, at core, is noble. It is about making a living while serving. When done so, success is sustaining and sustainable. I speak to that and will continue to do so, with even greater passion.

I am a Communicreator™. I believe music and the arts are incredible vehicles for courage, connection and community. My personal passions for music, dance, cartooning and more are my chosen instruments… and I will continue to work them to bring people and purposes together. Entertainment is not something to be shrugged off as unimportant. We are engaged best in learning and living when we enjoy the process. And yes, I speak to that and will continue to do so, having fun doing it.

And, I am a Character. I am a Master Facilitator for The Virtues Project™, a global movement for character as the source of great individual and collective leadership. I am deeply passionate about the vital importance of character, both unique and universal, in advancing epic success. This material and its strategies for engagement are core to that success, and I speak to that and will continue to do so; and yes, massively even more so.

So, in my work and play and life, there you have it. It is my own synergy of purpose and passion. I suggest that diversity exists within us as well as around us. We have different voices. The danger only lies when they are discordant or not recognized. Mine are like a Special Forces team, driven, in my case, by a deep belief that unity, diversity and prosperity are incredibly and inherently interconnected. As the Globalist, Mission Specialist, Freedom Fighter, Business Educator, Communicreator™, and Character, I will not only increasingly speak to issues around unity, diversity and prosperity but important paths and choices needed to get there.

In future, and now with daily and weekly blogging, you will read and see and hear these voices. They are but different angles on a common direction. Know that they will always be committed to adding value to thought and action… and that they are unified under one purpose; to explore the power of unity and diversity in building prosperity. If it has to do with:

• seeing the big picture
• leading with mission, character and capacity
• aligning purpose and consistent practice
• fostering powerful enterprise
• working together in powerful unity
• leveraging diversity as a strength
• engaging entertainment and education

… The Unity Guy™, through EPIC, will be sharing thoughts and ideas. That is The Unity Guy™. THAT, is the diverse and unified message I will be rockin’. It is the 6 lane highway to the work I must do… you know the one. It is the one that helps build diverse, united cultures of high performance.

I invite you to join me on the journey.

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, The Unity Guy™