With the unofficial launch of our new work and website at www.epicengage.com, and plans leading up to something more “official” October 13 (Thanksgiving in Canada and Columbus Day in the USA), I am feeling the need to take a closer look at the virtue of wholeheartedness.

Often times, we might be prone to think of it as a “big picture” virtue; one demanding a more global vision.  Maybe we think that it implies big picture and long term.  I beg to differ, and contend that wholeheartedness is really an approach to the present and presence.  It is about the now.  Where idealism calls us to the big picture, wholeheartedness calls us to the work of manifesting that picture.  It is the workhorse virtue.  It is the fiercely working virtue.  While the virtue of zeal is that powerful combination of enthusiasm and purposefulness, wholeheartedness calls us to be “all in”; acting without contingency on the big picture.  It is commitment to bringing all that we are to the challenges and opportunities at hand. Wholehearted leaders bring it.  Wholehearted communities at work, school and play… bring it, together.

These next 90 days, Amy Hiscox and I have committed to idealism in building a 90 day WEALTH Plan.  WEALTH is an acronym for when excellence and love take hold… being wholehearted in practice and passion.  The idea is to go massive, seizing and moving forward with strategically aligned opportunities… multiple oars in the water, moving in unison, advancing together in thought, will and action. Amy and I will be coaching one another with the work ahead, professionally and personally. The intent is to be intent; wholehearted, daily, moment by moment… doing the WORK. The way is the work and the work is the way.

We will be sharing results and impact and we encourage you to bring idealism to your vision, and then apply wholeheartedness to the work at hand. Imagine the impact. Imagine the results. Imagine the prosperity.  What big pictures, goals, and dreams do you have? Go wholehearted these next 90 days and see you on the other side.