Start In on Start Ups

I am a business educator.  It marries my passions of education and entrepreneurship and my expertise around character, capacity and creativity based education.  That being said, here is a thought provoking idea on checking out Start Ups as potential employment landing spot.

I have graduating and alumni college business students and I have been known to suggest that Start Ups and small to medium sized businesses are an incredible pool of opportunity.  Job creation is deceptively strong.  Learning opportunities are particularly diverse.  Chances for growth are considerable, even remarkable.

This article considers some factors one should account for when looking at Start Up opportunities.  For my students, present, past and upcoming…. and for anyone with an entrepreneurial slant…. have a read and go on the hunt.  The “big guys” may not be hiring right now, but Start Ups are seeing opportunities and you might very well find your own with one.  Go huntin’!

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™


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