These days are filled with much a do, about everything, about something and about nothing.  Posturing has been elevated to an art form, of sorts; in matters of business and community, peace and war, locally and globally.  Still, we see an ever growing apathy and cynicism towards governance and enterprise alike.  There is an assumption, far too often, that there are ulterior motives.  Suspicion and cynicism are not skepticism.  Skepticism can be healthy as it requires the virtues of discernment and mindfulness.  Suspicion and cynicism have their own agenda.

In the face of such posturing and resultant cynicism and apathy, what is the bulwark to stem the tide and turn it around?  What strengthens integrity and meaning and trust?  What builds powerful trustworthiness?

I suggest the virtue we need increasingly call upon is sincerity.  Sincerity is the “say what I mean, mean Sinceritywhat I say… do what I mean, mean what I do” strength of character.  It pertains to compliments and contracts alike.  It bolsters relationships, personal and professional.  Without sincerity, we can attempt anything but we will meet with doubt, cynicism and apathy.  With sincerity, people see us in our deeds, beyond words.  We are there, standing and real.  We are not doing so for image.  We are doing so for it is who we are and what we do.

Sincerity breeds consistency.  Consistency breeds excellence.  Excellence breeds integrity.  Integrity breeds trustworthiness.  In the next few days, I will be releasing a video in support of #educationisnotacrime.  I, in my heart of hearts, am an educator.  I believe that poverty is not alleviated by “minimum wages” (for, after all, they are “minimum”).  Raising a minimum wage sounds like a solution, but it is relative and causes demands for all other pay to be raised.  It remains “minimum”.  That being said, I believe in the battle for prosperity over poverty and I contend education is that path to prosperity, individually and collectively.  The video will be simple and passionate and real.  I hope it connects for you.

More importantly, I hope sincerity connects for you.  Our way out in all things demands it.

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™