Consider this post.

While, as an educator, I contend that we too often place a disproportionate amount of attention on assessment over delivery… this is a simple but thought provoking piece on 5 rules of engagement in testing.

I love the idea of testing for application and creativity.  I love the notion of addressing misconceptions.  I love the concept of a blueprint template to strategically connect relevant learning with testing.  I especially love the suggestion around open book.  It acknowledges that resourcefulness is not based on simple memorization but on finding, synthesizing and applying relevant information.

The ultimate goal of education is excellence and excellence is driven by learning.  Learning is best demonstrated by application and innovation.  It does not matter whether we are learning on matters of character, capacity or creativity.  The student’s ability to understand fundamental concepts is best manifested when they can effectively apply those fundamentals in a way that shows not only understanding but applicability and creativity.


Peace, passion and prosperity… through education.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™