As a business college educator, human resource guy, employer and Master Facilitator with The Virtues Project™, I find this to be a great and timely post for job hunters and career seekers.  I invite you to engage and enjoy the read.  That being said, it speaks to me of the real world importance of six strengths of character… all, interestingly enough, beginning with the letter C.

Certitude for Career SearchConfidence for Career SearchCourage for Career SearchCaring for Career SearchCreativity for Career SearchCooperation for Career Search

Acting with certainty is the power of clarity… knowing what you want and intend and having that kind of fierce focus…. that requires you to get honest and truthful about what you want and where you can best serve.  Take a weekend (your own personal retreat with you) to, with singular focus, reflect truthfully about what you really want.  Spreading yourself thin by trying to be something for everyone will, too often, get you nothing but despair and frustration.  Fierce focus grounded in certitude will be evident to both you and those you engage.

Acting with confidence is the power of faith… knowing that you will get there, somehow, someway… the self assurance of the effort.  Confidence is a faith in both yourself and the world you engage.  It shows and shines.  Practice it.  Act it through your smile, your wholehearted breathing, and your posture.  As you act with confidence, you show it clearly.

Acting with courage is the power of the action… not being held back by doubt and fear in taking that action.   That requires a momentary commitment… to just do it.  Pick up the phone, start the conversation…

Acting with caring is the art of the search…. an intense interest and commitment to both the search and those you meet along the way.  As Dale Carnegie said… become genuinely interested in others.  Genuine interest shows openness and curiosity and engagement.  That starts with caring… not only about your own hunt… but those you engage in it.

Acting with creativity is the art of being original and being noticed for it… the purposeful innovation in the search and presentation.  Being better at something is different.  Being original is different.  Find your difference.  Be a difference maker.

Acting with cooperation is engaging the process in partnership, as equals… you the seeker of fulfilling employment; the employer as seeker of an effective employee and contributor.  You share in the power of the consultation and decision.  Know it.  Live it.

My only suggestion this day is that you consider your strategy for job hunting or career seeking and/or changing with all six of these virtues in play.  Read the cards noted above and reflect on what actions do you need to take with them in mind and heart.  Draw upon resources like Richard Bolles’ What Color is Your Parachute? and the post referenced above… and more.  But, guide your strategy and effort with C6.

Go get it.

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™