This past Sunday, I wrote this on Your Creative Shadow.  I invite you to have a read over and reflection.  sing-300x200The piece finished with some questions.

  • Where do you most focus your creativity in your life?
  • Where do you most focus your imagination?
  • On the good?
  • On the bad?
  • Somewhere in between?
  • How could you start to explore even more constructive applications of your creativity?

If you know of the 6 Thinking Hats proposed by Edward de Bono, you understand that creativity can come in the form of:

  • bringing order to chaos
  • focus to the unclear
  • logic to the irrational
  • feeling to the disconnection
  • responsibility to the carelessness
  • optimism to the despondency
  • curiosity to the apathy
  • excitement to the banal
  • insight to the ignorance
  • beauty to the ugly
  • success to the miscue, and
  • peace to conflict.

… and more.  Creativity comes in many forms but it’s common nature is transformation from one state to another.  Henceforth, we all have the capacity to create.  When we take discord and turn it into unity… we are creating.  When we turn despair into hope, we are creating.  When we take boredom and turn it into virtuesengagement, we are creating.  When we take fear and turn it into courage, we create.  You see where I am going.  It is time to understand that creativity is a virtue accessible to us all in myriad forms.  Creativity is a virtue of humanity.  It is the birthplace of adaptation, flexibility and growth.

We will be exploring same on After School… at 7:30 pm EST on Facebook Live.  I do hope you join us.

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™

Barry is ultimately a strength coach and educator. His work is about exploring, identifying, practicing and mastering our strengths and building upon them through practical and powerful unity and resourcefulness. That is why Barry is The Unity Guy™. EPIC Engage™ is an extension of The Unity Guy™. The Epic work is all about building strong, united and inspired cultures lead by character… at school, work and community; where everyone matters and contributes everyday.


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