Just reading this LinkedIn Post;  a Top Ten List of the lessons of leadership from David Letterman.  Like David Kahn, I am a fan.  Still, I was reminded by his post… of what it is I like most.

#10 Be irreverent.

#9 Be silly without being a clown.

#8 Share the spotlight.

#7 Remain in control.

#6 Be your own worst critic.

#5 Don’t be fooled by other people’s hype.

#4 Don’t be fooled by your own hype.

#3 Show gratitude.

#2 Recognize how you are perceived.

#1 Continually seek happiness.

Leadership is a much discussed and debated concept.  Ultimately, I believe that leadership is about education at its very best… engaging, encouraging and empowering.  As an educator and entrepreneur, it is not lost on me that great leaders understand real world education ignites excellence, growth and change.  The qualities in our Top Ten List here serve the notions of character, capacity and creativity alike.

Strong CHARACTER is born of strength, zeal, cooperation, confidence, discernment, acceptance, tolerance, gratitude, understanding and joyfulness.

Advanced CREATIVITY and CAPACITY arises from challenge, innovation, collaboration, assertiveness, critical thinking, humility, thankfulness, awareness and fun.

Letterman carved his path, and blazed his trail.  His approach to entertainment was of the TEN and more.  That being said, as leaders and educators, we can look at this list as a source for learning and growing on our own paths.  For me, manifesting irreverence in the healthiest of ways, not believing the hype, and being a joybringer… these three are most resonant as we move our work in excellence, growth and change forward.  I most want to nobly, humbly and joyfully challenge in the work we do with campuses, companies and communities.

Which speak most to you now?

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™