What ticks you off?  I mean what really ticks you off?  Is there an issue being unaddressed? A problem not being solved?  A service not being rendered?  A need not being met? An injustice not being redressed?

What ticks you off? What, when you hear talk of it, arouses a passion to do something?  Righteous anger is a powerful motive.  For all its “bad press”, the problem with our perception of anger is that it is actually not the “bad guy”.  What we do with it can be.

Think of anger like a fire alarm.  If we dwell on the alarm itself, we can go off kilter.  If we understand the alarm as a call to righteous action born of righteous anger, something purposeful and positive can and will happen.  Consider Dr. Martin Luther King, or Malala … and others who did so.

What I suggest is find your righteous anger.  Then find a righteous and character driven strategy for addressing it.  For me, personally, my most righteous anger centers on how we incredibly sell ourselves and humanity short.  We say we are “only human”.  This leads us to believe that we are not noble, not enough… and that leads to everything from injustice to bullying to greed, depression, suicide, apathy, contention, conflict and more.  It is our understanding of individual and collective nobility that will eventually and truly unite our diversity.  That is why I am The Unity Guy™.  That is why my work is all about character and its relationship to both capacity and creativity.  It is our way out… at school, work  and community… locally and globally.

So, I suggest you consider what truly ticks you off.  Then you develop a character based strategy to move forward and address it.  What service or action do you most feel driven to deliver… in business, at work, in education or community?

Consider these virtues.

What do you most want to address, and how will you most strongly and nobly address it?  Find your Ticker and do something righteous with it.  You figure that out, and you will make a lasting contribution.

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™