Here is a great read from Seth Godin on online education.  I invite you to read it, munch on it, digest it… for yourself first, before going forward.

We are at a crossroads; actually much like an intersection.  I believe that that intersection in education has four forces merging…. technology, openness, creativity and excellence.  And three are virtues.

With ever advancing technology, we get to create diverse and open learning environments that engage creative problem solving and advance excellence in performance.  There are challenges, but many more opportunities.

As an educator, I do not believe that the technology is the death of education as we know it, but its augmentation… still, in some hugely fundamental and foundational ways  Knowledge increases in  value as it becomes wisdom.  Wisdom is advanced by openness, creativity and excellence.  And technology is a tool and driver, in potential.  All of this requires engagement in ways we have yet only first met.

The road ahead will be interesting.  I look forward to it.

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy


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