While performing and singing the song Simple Man last night (I personally love this version by Shinedown), a thought occurred to me. Accepting our complexity fashions a powerful simplicity.

I choose to now call it Simplexity™.

SIMPLEXITY: We are who we are.  There are no contradictions.  There is only finding the strong and healthy connection.  So, this does not deny growth, but we are who we are when we are.

My background is diverse, as is my experience and passion and talent and interest. Personally and professionally, I have been challenged to somehow make sense of that diversity as I believe there is unity in diversity when we find the connection.  I am an educator and entrepreneur and engage both fully. I teach. I sing. I dance. I mean I love it all and pour myself into these forums. I am an NFL freak and an amateur archer. I love Tae Kwon Do, though I still need to really get to it. I cartoon. I write. I lose myself in both. I am passionate about rock, and love me some jazz… and epic classical. I love science fiction and mythology and religion and love stories. I am thunderous, and gentle. And more.

So why share? Well, the whole notion of branding has been a journey for me. Branding, in its best form, is about authenticity. For what are you known by talent, passion and excellence?

Here is an activity.  Consider the list of virtues contained herein. In marketing, we might call it your core product; what states of being do you most wish as powerful experience for those you serve? Who do you best serve and what is the character of the experience you intend to create? Pick 3-5 that are core to that experience. Now, considering human resource management and development as a tool in mastering customer experience, look at all of knowledge, skills, abilities and other traits and talents that you possess. How do they serve in how you create that experience for those you serve? How are they the “guns” targeted on the goal of consistent excellence in service? Think of your target market and the memorable experience you most desire to create. Look at all of your resources as tools and weapons in making that happen.

My core desired experience is unity, nobility and wholeheartedness. I seek to manifest that experience as value for those with whom I work. Unity is based on robust and diverse connections, understanding that together and different we are stronger. Nobility is that concept of understanding our ultimate value. I seek to raise awareness of our noble aspirations. I seek to advance wholeheartedness, bringing everything that we are to the table of work, school and community. I do this through everything I do and love.  There is my common thread for uncommon experience.

What once seemed complex and divergent for me now is clearly simple and united in its diversity.  I constructively challenge you to try this exercise out.


Identify that core service experience you most desire to create. Name the character of that experience; the taste every client and customer will engage and enjoy. To do so, choose 3-5 states of character (virtues) that best articulate what it is to work with you and be served by you.


Then, inventory your knowledge, skills, abilities and all capacities within yourself and/or your organization, as tools to aim at achieving such undeniable customer experience.


Aim those resources with purposefulness and fire everything!  Consistently.    See where that takes you.

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™