Here are two interesting reads on the evolution of AR and driverless cars.

Before going any other, let me say that I am a believer in tech.  I am part of the original Star Trek and IdealismApollo generations, seeing the potential for tech to be used for exploration, inward and outward.  And, I am believer in Idealism as a Virtue.  Without going into inordinate detail, my childhood and youth was filled with an imagination that saw the perfect dance between tech and humanity.  It turned up in imaginary worlds created and science projects delivered.  I am hard wired thusly.

That being said, at the risk of sounding “fogie”, I believe that advancements in character must lead advancements in tech.  It is not unlike walking a very large dog.  Who does the leading in the walking is an important question.  The purposefulness of tech is important.  Our ability to wisely use it is crucial.  Technology with wisdom and character can raise humanity to almost unimaginable heights.  Truly.  Technology, without same, can destroy it.  It is our choice; but I believe that the study, practice and advancement of character is as, if not more, profoundly important.  There is a quote that is attributed but not confirmed… from Albert Einstein.

Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.

I contend that this includes the authority of tech.  The amazement and worship of tech can lead to toys that destroy.  I am not suggesting we halt advancement in science and technology.  Firstly, we cannot.  It virtuesis part of our humanity to explore.  Secondly, and as such, we need it as part of our growth; part of it.  Still, an exceedingly large part of our growth will have to be around character.  The things we are creating demand it.

For me, I look forward to remarkable advances in technology that support the human condition and its progress.  I believe in that potential and future.  Still, give me a five-speed stick shift that I can drive.  It is my Millennium Falcon; and that turned out okay.  🙂

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™

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