I remember well the game of Risk.  We played it for days and even weeks.  It was strategic and creative and challenging.  I am now re-discovering the power in wholehearted risk and the beauty of the mis-take.

Learning is not the exclusive realm of the young.  Richard Bolles spoke to this in his book The Three Boxes of Life and How to Get Out of ThemGijs van Wulfen speaks of it here.  The work of vibrant organizations like Common Ground and Skills Canada NL delivers on it.

Innovation and entrepreneurship are not the bastion of the young.  They are the realm of the courageous.  They require daring, discernment and creativity, and that demands courage; the courage to risk and fail.  That courage is not left to the young, but the young of heart and mind.  In education, and in business, we need a culture that breeds this kind of courage.  Sir Ken Robinson speaks to this.  We need to dare, and advance a culture that encourages it.

Here are some starting thoughts on advancing that culture.

The virtues of creativity and courage are required; as are discernment and daring and determination.  The cultivation of learning driven cultures, riddled with bold efforts, mistakes and advancements is crucial.  The boundaries of defining success need to be advanced by effort first, outcome second.  Innovation demands it.  We must honor the spirit of the entepreneuer in the private, public and community sectors.  We must walk with one another, in collaborative and courageous exploration of possibility.

It is what has driven all great change; exploration.  Mistakes are part of that.  It is after all, a mis-take.  Take two and three and beyond cultivate advancement.  This kind of learning demands that we are all in, risking regardless, wholehearted.

I am not sure if this makes sense, but it is my start.  I will get better.  🙂

More to follow.

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™