A poem (such as it is) which I felt moved to write this evening after a steady line of posts on Facebook about the insanity that is Black Friday.  It speaks to me, as it might possibly to you.


I am tired of the complaining, the draining and the staining of human heart
I am tired, but not; just tired of…
I am tired of the whining, the dividing and the striving keeping us apart
I am tired, but not; just tired of…
I am tired of the hating, the breaking and the waiting on hope to start
I am tired, but not; just tired of…
I am tired of the horrid, the sordid and the lurid all making their mark
I am tired, but not; just tired of…

But no, wait… I am tired

I am tired; newly tired, freshly tired with new wheels
Ready to roll, to own control of my soul, strong as steel
I am tired, freshly tired, yes I am newly wheeled
Ready to drive, strive and thrive, heart unconcealed
As a warrior of peace and service; a joybringer mighty, impervious; A Gorilla Soldier.
Standing for the force of good; marching like I knew I could; living my life all the BOLDER.
Let me DO, to let it BE.


Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™

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