Bad credit? No problem!

The existence of this phrase within our commercial landscape confuses and worries me to no end each time I come across it. I am sure that any individual experiencing significant financial woes can find little advantage in adding another major purchase to their credit history, other than that wonderful new car smell! The JAWS theme rings in my brain for some reason each time I pass one of these signs.

As I was driving to work this past week, this line of thinking progressed into the idea of ‘Social Credit’.

What is your social credit history as it pertains to values-based decision-making, being a character individual, or leaving a legacy of integrity? I am sure we all have had experiences whereby we wish the chance to rewind and have another crack at a conversation, a problem, or an interaction with a friend or family member. We are mortals and mistakes make for ideal learning opportunities.  However, can we truly say the majority of our social credit history is solid and virtues-based?

A common counselling strategy I frequently use with my students involves writing their legacy and demonstrating how their current actions can build their reputation for many years to come (particularly in the age of social media). Children and adolescents, when attempting to attack problems and make decisions, require a toolkit consisting of common sense and core virtues. Attainment of this skillset is often ‘a long time coming’ but with consistent reinforcement and utilization of teachable moments it becomes entrenched. These will be skills that will serve them very well as they proceed into the teen years, young adulthood, post-secondary school, and certainly their career.

The 5 Strategies of the Virtues Project are a fantastic foundation for building character and enhancing the social credit for you and your kids.

  • Speak the Language of the Virtues
  • Recognize Teachable Moments
  • Set Clear Boundaries
  • Honor the Spirit
  • Offer Companioning

Good credit? No problem!

Stay strong my peeps!


Trent Langdon, M.Ed, Canadian Certified Counsellor is all about legacy and building yours by rewriting your ‘game plan’ or Trent1rejuvenating your organization’s foundations.  Trent is a strong believer that success and contentment is achievable through actions of integrity and character; for an individual or an organization. With more than 20 years of experience as a CHANGE AGENT for children, adolescents, families, schools, communities, and professionals, Trent can walk with you toward Personal Development and Discovery, Organizational Review and Renewal, and A Career / Life Plan for Teens.