It has been way to long.  August 22 was my last post on Barry’s Blog.  Life both got in and out of the way.  I consciously and even unconsciously decided to step back and even stream line. I had to get back to what was important.  I had to re-center and align with the global goals as they relate to this soul.   That was good and needed.  But, now it has been way too long.  Now, it is time to get back on the horses.


Part of the problem was that I realized that there was way too much.  Even today, I came across this post on the power of simplicity in discerning and deciding how we ride.  I invite you to have a read.  Simplicity is a virtue; and one of focus.  As we carve away the unnecessary, we find the paramount.  For me, these past few months have been such a journey.  The result is that in the coming days, significant but simple changes will be made to this very site, and the focus of my work; education.

“Regard man as a mine rich in gems of inestimable value. Education can, alone, cause it to reveal its treasures, and enable mankind to benefit therefrom.”  These words, ring and resonate within my spirit, and through every cell in my body.  They remind me that I know.


I know that I choose to serve world embracing educators and entrepreneurs; those who want and intend to make the world better in the classroom and in business.  Get rich quick is not my interest.  Legacy in education and entrepreneurship is.

I know I want to work with world embracing and emerging leaders… socially conscious youth and community activants who want to powerfully and practically change the world.

I know that I want to do that through my teaching, speaking and coaching.  I know I want to do that by exploring character leadership and unity building.  I know that I want to deliver on that through speaking, singing and a myriad of modalities.  I know. I do.

I know that I am an educator and that it is my life’s work.

And, I know that everything requires everything and to be ready, I must do the work.


Then, last Friday, we had our first ever lockdown at College.  Oh, yes we did.  Without going into detail now, I also now know at a much more palpable level that I want to be physically strong and healthy to do this work.  Indeed, at a session I facilitated this past Tuesday with the Single Parent Association (my twentieth year doing pro bono work for that wonderful organization)… and one with the Atlantic Halfway House Association the week before… I found myself articulating same.  The carriage must support the rider.  The body must effectively sustain and carry the mind and heart.

Ultimately, there is a new simplicity here.  No plans nor goals are at the core here.  What is at core is a simple understanding is that this horse needs to be healthy to run with the other horses.  In so doing, much of what my heart and mind deeply seeks to achieve will be served and reached.

Where do you need to go for less over more?  Where do you need to simplify and focus?  How can you get essential?  Your life may already be way too much for way too long.  It may be time to choose and prioritize.

Peace, passion and prosperity.