You Inc. shared an interesting article on a powerful study that commenced in the 1960’s… my first decade.  Have a read.  The findings are interesting indeed.  What strikes me most is the vital role of two powerful virtues in business, at work, in school and throughout community.

Trust is that which we place in others, or a place or an idea.  Trustworthiness is the sense that we ourselves can be trusted.  Consistency of care and excellence in practice builds it.  I would add that, while the virtues themselves are important, an equally important factor has to do with the question of that in which we place our trust.  These children all trusted.  Many trusted the fact that no second marshmallow would appear.  They trusted in the untrustworthiness of their potential benefactor.  Those children who waited showed trust that the promise would indeed (and in deed) be kept.

So, going forward, maybe you might ask yourself and your team some questions.  Maybe you ask your customers..

  • In what do you place your trust?
  • In whom do you place your trust?
  • What is it that you trust in those in whom you place it?
  • What factors make someone or something trustworthy for you?
  • For what do you most want others to hold trust in you?

These are powerful questions that will not only guide future decisions but demonstrate whatever track record you have come to believe.  Ultimately, you get to decide that which you will trust and how you wish to be trusted.

In business, school and community… choose wisely.

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™