Unity in diversity. No doubt, there are many who might see it as a paradox. I am not one. Indeed, I see it as genuine, real and powerful; and our best hope. We are different… in mind and body… in size and speed and color and belief and thought. We are different. Certainly, in any give space, at work or school or community…. we are different. That is a reality.

We are also the same. We are the same as certain people on some things and the same with others in other ways. It is truth to say that in any given space, we are all different and we are all the same and we have some things in common with some and then other things in common with others. So, how are we all the same? What is our unifying piece and peace?

I suggest as a human being, as The Unity Guy™ and as a Master Facilitator with The Virtues Project™… it is the realm of the virtues. My complete body of work and my last 10 years with The Virtues Project™ tell me that they unite us as humankind, across individuality, personalities, social groups and cultures alike. We may not yet feel we are strong in all of the virtues (or sometimes even desirous of practicing them), but we have common access to all of them. We can practice them all. Indeed, it is both our birthright and responsibility.

Going forward, I will be blogging on virtues as the basis of character, strength, leadership and unity. For now, I dare you to consider how every human being on the planet has the potential to access these things we call virtues… from acceptance to zeal and everything in between. They are our common watering hole, if we but choose to visit. My path, going forward, will be to explore our common heritage and legacy in ways that will constructively impact leadership, contribution, peace and prosperity for all.

Join me.

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, The Unity Guy™