Effective today, we will be producing and delivering a series of some 101 short videos on virtues and their application to learning, leading and living.  As a Master Facilitator for The Virtues Project™ and business educator for 20 years, I am increasingly convinced of the vital importance of character in both education and leadership… at work, school and beyond.

Character provides a strong foundation for both capacity and creativity alike.  Character comprises the application of virtues; but virtues, too often, are a baggage laden concept.  For many, there is either a positive or negative connotation… typically relating to some association with religion or spirituality.

A core premise of The Virtues Project™ (and one to which I deeply hold) is that the virtues are what make us human.  Being human is a noble state.  Being inhuman is not.  What makes us human is the capacity to both understand and apply virtue where and when it is needed; and there are many virtues from which to draw.  Indeed, I liken the virtues to arrows in a quiver which can be drawn out and upon and applied as needed.  Not every situation demands every virtue.

The Virtues Reflection Cards from The Virtues Project™ contain some 100 virtues.  Starting today, we will be producing an Introductory Video, followed by 100 individual videos highlighting the practical understanding and application of each… to lives at work, school, community and beyond.  The intent is to create and deliver real world and engaging video “snippets” to get thoughts provoked in constructive ways.

That all being said, I might suggest that you consider the virtues as tools or arrows from which to draw and apply.  Look at every situation as an opportunity to practice one or more as you navigate life.

So, we hope you engage the videos and find value.  In producing them, we will.

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™