Now here is quite the read.  An end to capitalism?  It is a timely read, given my recent post on another article on Holism.  Truthfully and personally and professionally, my jury is still out.  Way out.  But the questions are being posed.  Idealism demands it.

I am an idealist and glad for it.

Do not confuse cynicism for critical thinking. Skepticism is not cynicism.  Skepticism is a hearty level of discernment.  Discernment is a virtue.  Discernment is a virtue of considered thought; powerful indeed. It crafts possibilities out of looking at situations for what they are and need to be.

Idealism and skepticism can be partners.  Not cynicism.  Cynicism not only assumes but assures itself of a state of being in things that is less than noble and good. It will find what’s wrong, like discernment. The difference is it presumes things are truly flawed at core. It is convinced of same.

No doubt, there are realities in need of change. No doubt.

Cynicism never inspires change; it but delays it by breeding a sense that “nothing is really to be trusted”. If nothing is to be trusted, then why bother?

Idealism is not idle dreaming. It is believing in something better and working for it. The virtue of idealism is the stuff of great change, throughout history. I wonder if the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. had instead said “I have a dream but people are not ready for or smart enough for it.” What he did was put out a dream and then worked towards it. The building of that dream continues, long after his death.

Change demands leadership and leadership demands discernment, idealism and commitment. Give me THAT, any day and for the rest of my life. Discernment will keep me real. Idealism will make me believing. Commitment will bridge the gap.

I’ll take that.  Onwards with discernment, idealism and initiative, locally and globally.  Conversations around culture and who and what we intend to be as organizations of all kinds… they await.  We are part of that; helping build strong and youthful cultures of excellence, growth and change.

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, The Unity Guy™