Have a readNow, I invite you to have a heed.  As we move towards collaboration and cooperation amidst the seeming divisions…. as we look to sharing and synergy… I kindly suggest that we must each answer the question “Who am I?”

This question need not be complex or deep.  When we ask ourselves such a question, I suggest that we are asking ourselves for what do we want to be best known.  Known for actions and accomplishments is all good… but I respectfully suggest that our ultimate brand is found in the character for which we most want to be truly known.

I say truly known because authenticity breeds sustainability.  Being who we are is easier than manufacturing something.  Heed Cameron Diaz on this.

Heed these young women.

Heed Kid President.

Still better, consider these qualities of being human, at our best.  They are strengths of character.  There are called virtues.

Reputation starts and ends with character.  Behavior is born of it.  Our work with the global Virtues Project™ champions this, and bears it out.  Individuals and organizations who both know who they are and live it… they naturally attract those seeking it.  Now there is a law of attraction with language to support it.

Decide upon those qualities for which you most want to be known… whether you enter a room, or are spoken of without your presence.  Decide upon them, then live them… consistently and fiercely.  In this world of change and its necessary and long overdue collaboration, for what do you ultimately want to be known?

Be that.

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™