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This year has been “eventful” for me.  April 20, 2015, my mother passed.  Having been what I call a BLGservant protector, that was a powerful time indeed.  My faith was and is strong, but it was indeed and in deed, a powerful time.

On August 20, 2015… I experienced my brain bleed / TIA, and a journey of multiple CT Scans, MRIs, and treatments of various sorts and sizes.  Pacing and being somehow content with the ultimate of uncertainties were both notable challenges. I do not have a need for certainty on most things; nor do I expect it.  But this was a challenge of epic proportions for me.  Vitals all testing positive was great news throughout.  No diabetes nor high blood pressure or cholesterol… great news.  Still, no one could ascertain cause.  Throughout the entire process I was challenged to learn new understandings of patience, flexibility, purposefulness and more.  Oh, and zeal.

This spirit of thunder (and lightning) that was ever a go, now understands that thunder and lightning take their breaks.  If it was constant, you would never notice… and it would not serve to “clear the air”.  My understanding of my own zeal now is much more strategic in the most authentic of ways.  I am not saying that my spirit was ever a “put on”.  It was not.  It is just that I once felt that it was vital to always be “on”; responsive, responsible.  A pace of grace now follows with my zeal.

As I return tomorrow… to teaching Organizational Behaviour at the College of the North Atlantic… and return to “back in the saddle” with leading Epic Engage™, I am both thankful for the support and friendship of those closest to me over this last year (you truly had my back and more) and ever cognizant of this lesson.

The thunder and the lightning will continue, and it will naturally and powerfully and wisely pace itself.

Yes, tomorrow I start back at a love of mine, teaching Organizational Behaviour to students from Canada and Qatar.  Tomorrow night, I speak about my journey, with zeal, at MoMondays.  Then, I will rest… because that is what thunder and lightning does.

The past three days were Draft Days for the NFL.  I looooove the NFL and the Draft.  Like those young athletes, I feel the new opportunities and the new life, and I feel the Zeal.  Yes, Zeal is a virtue.  When partnered with the virtues of Discipline and Grace; well that is the real magic.  Indeed, Zeal has its season, and its reason.

Peace, passion and prosperity…

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™


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