In Yet Another U2, I noted “Understanding and Unity dance together, taking turns leading and following. As I took, and am taking, my inventory, I am reminded of the countless times that I have witnessed, experienced and even lead in this dance. And, I am learning still.” And, I offered up “My singular thought to you and me today is to reflect on these two virtue cards offered. Ponder and wonder on what they might look like at home, school, work, business and community. How might they strengthen our leadership at the front and top lines and all points in between? How might they advance our dialogue and consultation… and our capacity to move forward together, stronger?” As I have done my own pondering and wondering on same, I am better understanding the assured step they can advance.

I have been considering Unity as it applies to moving the needle on balance in my life. We often think of Unity as an external concept… forging greater Unity with others at home, school, work and community. That is a noble pursuit. But, I offer up that Unity begins within. When our own internal house is less divided, we can be a constructive force for that external Unity. As we find our balance, we can “sample” same and be a champion for building bridges with others. When we advance our own internal sense of Unity, we walk a more assured step personally… our countenance and gate reflect such.

We can build and manifest that internal Unity through a journey of Understanding. Getting to know ourselves with courageous Candor heightens our best sense of Integrity through Acceptance of who we are at our best.

#bestlittledogintheworld was incredible at that. Panda was who she was, with no existential crises. She was herself at her best, when and where and how she was… in sickness and in health. While our minds are amazing tools for figuring on things… our best selves are less about figuring and more about recognizing. That requires an adventure in ever better Understanding ourselves.

I noted the other day on Facebook that “I have been blessed with many great and rich conversations… and they continue… and more are coming. Thoughtful people from whom I am learning much. Conversations that are reaching around the world too. So very grateful. 🙂 Then last night… out of one of those conversations… an ever richer understanding of Detachment. Everything we soulfully desire requires everything we truly are. And adding to our lives requires letting go too. Tonight, with Journal in hand and heart… I am practicing Courage and Candor with myself. Things will be let go. Things will be kept. Things will be added. And the Litmus test is “Calling”. I am ever more convinced that it is not about dreams nor goals. Those are about PUSH. Arbitrary and even contrived. For me, there is a greater understanding of being “called” by Soul. That is more of PULL. What do we truly, madly, deeply feel called to… to step up and into our best lives lived? No more dreams or goals for me… just being ready to answer the Call. My Call. I am answering tonight. ❤ In so Understanding, I build a healthier, deeper Confidence. As I continue to have conversations of substance, rich and real, I better understand what calls to me. That is ever more clear in my new WEaL Plan… work, enterprise and life. Born of my exposure to the body of work of Richard Bolles years ago, I have completed such a plan at least 3 times in life, at various junctures. It has served me humbly well and it becomes a sense of genuine balance and Unity within… and is created out of that adventure of Understanding. Ultimately, what goes in that plan has been soulfully discerned and decided with that aforementioned courageous Candor.

The regions of the landscape of our lives… it is our Dominion. Understanding the balance and peace and Unity of those regions (I call them the regionALs… spirituAL, physicAL, mentAL, emotionAL, materiAL, professionAL, personAL, financiAL, entrepreneuriAL, occupationAL, and vocationAL) is about building a healthy Federation within. The regions need cooperate and complement, not divide. For me, rather than dream and wish and set goals, I choose to explore my own “calling” and see how the regions of my life can and must unite to move in that direction.

It is about building our own best sense of Unity through Understanding ourselves.

What calls to you? What soulfully calls to you?

What is your just cause?

How can you best have the regions of your life landscape unite under that banner?

Peace, purpose and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, The Unity Guy with Epic Engage.

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“Intelligence plus character—that is the goal of true education.” ― Martin Luther King Jr.

Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing. ― Abraham Lincoln