In MESH Better, I shared “Now it is time for execution. With that in mind, years ago, I crafted an acronym called MESH. When things MESH, our mission meets execution producing genuine success and happiness… not born of celebrity, fame nor fortune… but born of meaning and just cause. This plan MESHes for me. The elements advance meaning and mission … over going through the motions… and their execution will sustain a sustaining sense of true success and happiness. What would MESH for you? Find your best Service. Be a student of the world, and explore your MESH.”

Yesterday, on Facebook, I shared “Two Holy Days this weekend. Thankful for my Faith. ❤ Rest and repair and lots of prayer and meditation this Weekend. Much needed. Feeling a Simplicity unfolding. Feeling like blades are sharpening to further and finally cut things down. A process over the last couple of years…. Pandemic, Panda and more. Been a journey. Going into 2022, a lighter Barry physically and otherwise. Life is too precious to expend on “the motions”. People, projects and purpose are questions and answers finally occurring. Peace. ❤

The mission, over the motions.

Call it “dreams” or calling, or whatever. A former teacher from my high school passed this Weekend… and, to a person commenting on the shared post, was this firmness that she had chosen her calling well… or answered it’s call. And she indeed did. Thanks Miss Thistle for every life you impacted.

How do we find such sense? I think we less find it and more let it find us.

What you seek is seeking you.

So saith Rumi. As Richard Nelson Bolles put it in his seminal work, it is found in our members. It is found in what we find “timeless”. It is found in our joy. It is found in our joy of Service. It is found in our conversations… and/or our natural and soulfully passionate sense of studentry. Or it finds us there, and we know it.

For me, it is found in my meditation and reflection. It finds me there… and in my walks, it finds me there. In my prayers, it finds me there. In what I love to do and do to love, it finds me there. It finds me in my joyful moments of teaching. It finds me in my enterprise.

It finds me in my moments of genuine Candor. It finds me; and my Responsibility is to answer. I was reminded of this… this very Weekend. I was reminded that it is far less about finding and much more about answering… responding. As Remembrance Day approaches, and a bit of a break with it, I ever more realize that I need to ever more and better listen… to take stock of my moments of meaning and joy… not simply as memories but signposts. That which brings us soulful joy and purpose is tapping us on the shoulder and the heart. When it happens, note it. When it happens, document it… somehow. Ask, “What are you?” Ask, “What are you teaching me?” Ask “What must I do with this?” Ask these questions of that moment of purpose and joy. Ask them with Openness and Candor… and Courage. Then, heed. Heed the answers. I believe them to be Soul speaking; and Soul knows best. When we experience such moments of joy and purpose and meaning, our bodies feel it Soulfully. We reverberate. We resonate. Yes, heed those moments. Ask those questions. Heed the answers. Pray and meditate on them, if you like. I will.

Peace. 😉

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